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Ty_Cause_Effect_Cover.jpg_resized “Causey invites us to “Leave the Drama” behind and enjoy a picture perfect, seductive blend of Sensual soul and smooth jazz. SmoothJazz.com Founder, Sandy Shore was so taken by the sexy, soulful crooner's showmanship and hit maker craftsmanship, she affectionately dubbed him “the Bruno Mars of Smooth Jazz.” –Smooth Jazz.com

“Anyone who has been a SoulTracks reader for a few years knows we're big fans of smooth soul and jazz singer Ty Causey. Ty is a multiple-time SoulTracks Award nominee and one of the smoothest cats around. So it is a BIG DEAL around here when Ty has new music out. And that's what's happening now, as he releases his brand new album, Cause and Effect.” - Soultracks.com



Cool In My Skin is a full length Cd project release in 2013 from Smooth Soul/Jazz vocal artist Ty Causey.

The perfect blend of Smooth Jazz and Soul music featuring Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Najee!


It's time to get, DOWN 2 EARTH! The new release from Ty Causey featuring the first single "Rocket To the Moon" IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Ty Causey is back again following up his highly – praised release, TRUE LOVE IN MOTION with another stellar collection filled with his trademark blend of smooth jazz and sensual soul delivered with one of the most engaging and premiere voices on the scene today. DOWN 2 EARTH once again finds Causey flowing through the kaleidoscope of love with a seasoned flair taking the mood from the cooled–out, infectious groove of first single, “Rocket To The Moon” to the silky warmth of “A Place In Your Heart” and more. Your soundtrack for special moments and endless amorous possibilities from start to finish is now DOWN 2 EARTH.

"The master of the smooth groove is back! This is his 6th album release and if this does not put Ty on the map worldwide I will eat my computer!!" - Mark Gentry/Soul Heaven

“Ty Causey has been a SoulTracks favorite for over a half decade. His smooth blend of jazz and R&B has won for him a legion of fans (us included), and we always look forward to hearing new music from him. Well this month Ty will be releasing his newest disc, Down 2 Earth, and it may be his best yet” - Soultracks.com


Throughout Causey’s musical journey, maneuvering through the challenges of building a successful career, the talented vocalist, songwriter and producer has called upon and held strong to his faith and religious upbringing to pull him through and keep him on track. The yearning to share that very important side of him to the world and to acknowledge his many blessings prompted a momentary break from crafting his usual romantic fare to work on and ultimately release this, his very first Gospel project, aptly called, THE GOSPEL TRUTH. But make no mistake; this is not new territory for Causey whose beginnings, like so many great soulful vocalists, began in the church where he can be seen any given Sunday still getting his praise on.

THE GOSPEL TRUTH eloquently offers spiritual guidance, uplifting messages and affirmations laid down as always with Causey’s amazing vocal flow and flawless tone deftly riding grooves from honey smooth to super funky. From the rousing opening track that urges with fitting illustration to "Be Thankful" to the silky, down-tempo gem, "Thank You For Your Beautiful" to the high-power, glory giving for the most–high, "Praise His Name", this passion–filled collection is food for thought and celebration.

After hearing Causey bear witness there will be no doubt in your mind that he indeed lives THE GOSPEL TRUTH


False_Faces_-_Coversmall_.jpgTy Causey, follows up his much acclaimed release DOWN 2 EARTH with yet another outstanding set filled with his trademark mix of smooth R&B and sensual soul delivered with one of the most engaging and accomplished voices on the Urban AC scene today. On FALSE FACES he once again revs up the “love jones” with the infectious flows and seductive wordplay you’ve come to expect from him on tracks like “Tap Into This Chemistry”, “I’ll Wait For You”, and the lovely “Love Call.” But Causey’s also speaking his mind and shedding some light on the not-so-cozy side of the relationship game with, “Too Much Baggage”, the super cool, “Creepin’ (Showdown)”, and the funky, horn-laden, title gem, “False Faces.” Featuring guest work from well-regarded smooth jazz guitarist, U-Nam, 2011 Soultracks Readers Choice Award New Artist of Year co-recipient, Lenora Jaye, on his first duet ever recorded and talented new comer, smooth jazz guitarist, Tracy Naylor, FALSE FACES is sure to satisfy established fans while at the same time impressing even more. Find out why SmoothJazz.com called Ty Causey “ an extraordinarily talented producer/singer/songwriter who has got to be one of the brightest new stars of the smooth jazz, R&B, and sensual soul genres.”


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“Yet again the great Man delivers the goods. In fact, this is probably his best work to date . . . Buy a Ty Causey album and what you get are these: 1.Quality soulful music. 2. Fantastic vocals. 3. Consistency.” - Barry Towler /Soulchoonz.com “I suspect that if I loaned TRUE LOVE IN MOTION to any of my friends, I'd have a hard time getting it back for the same reason that my other buddy absconded with EXPRESSIONS. Causey consistently gives long time soul and R&B fans what they say the music has lacked for years - arrangements that fuse R&B with jazz and a little dash of funk, lyrics that ooze sensuality even while tastefully leaving just enough to the imagination, all sung by a man who has true control of his vocal instrument”. – Howard Dukes/Soultracks.com Standout and acclaimed R&B crooner Ty Causey brings in 2009 with TRUE LOVE IN MOTION, a solid collection of winning tracks, infectious beats, indelible hooks and an infusion of contemporary flows – done his way – delivered with one of the most engaging and purest voices on the scene today. Featuring “Chill 2 Nite”, the title track, “True Love In Motion”, “Closer To Your Love” and the hot first single, “Set You Free”. Ty Causey can truly be described as prolific. Crafting enjoyable tracks that keenly and eloquently interpret the intricacies of love and life is a daily obsession or as he describes it, therapy. But so too is developing his songwriting and production skills an obsession. It stems from a sincere desire to not only be considered an outstanding vocalist, but to be recognized also as a strong all around artist. On TRUE LOVE IN MOTION you will indeed hear some new approaches that are a result of his progression and a set of contemporary influences that reveal yet another side of Causey, but at the core is still his signature style and sound - sensual soul and R&B.


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Songwriter, producer and outstanding vocalist, Ty Causey has now released his strongest project to date with the highly anticipated EXPRESSIONS!
As with his prior projects EXPRESSIONS is a triumphant platform for his engaging tone, great range and silky smooth delivery along with an apt compliment of thoughtful, moving lyrics that delve through the spectrum of life and love’s best and most challenging moments. It is, as always, a joy to behold as he lays it down with a charm and swaying sincerity on winning cuts throughout. Cuts such as lead singles “Heartbreak Paradise” and “Pick Up the Pieces” - the tempting, “So Addictive” - “Dark Cloud” featuring solid work from standout smooth jazz guitarist/producer U-Nam or the very beautiful “Wishing You Were Mine”. But also on EXPRESSIONS are even more memorable melodies, infectious grooves and his identifiable growth as a first-rate producer. As premiere soul music hotspot, SOULTRACKS.COM states, “Ty Causey has taken a strong, creative turn on Expressions that should provide ample material for both smooth jazz and UAC radio to highlight for some time. It should also accelerate his growth as one of the most enjoyable adult soul singers around.” *NOTE: EXPRESSIONS is an enhanced CD featuring a video interview with Ty Causey


Singer/songwriter Ty Causey is now back with the triumphant LOVE NOTES, following up his highly acclaimed debut N-TYSING.

His outstanding debut received high praise in the U.S. as well as abroad and gave notice to an engaging new voice with the timeless qualities and flair of renowned R&B/Soul singers.

Once again Causey’s golden tone reigns supreme in a set that boasts both hip-swaying grooves and silky -smooth fare but with an even more soulful lean than his previous project. True to its name, LOVE NOTES is a script for romance at every level from the playful to the seductive, finely delivered with his trademark passion, sincerity and expansive range in great abundance. Featuring standout tracks such as “Loves Messin’ With Me”, “Keep On Lovin’ Me”, “Step Out Tonight” and “I Miss You”, this collection is already being hailed as even stronger than his debut. LOVE NOTES is sure to continue what N-TYSING began and contribute greatly to the deserving rise of a truly engaging soul singer.

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BODY LANGUAGE is a collection of previously unreleased material from stellar vocalist and artist Ty Causey that has to this point been made available at select live performances. This limited edition CD is now available to you and could be considered for those who own his other projects as the link between his earlier releases and latest EXPRESSIONS. It also represents an exploration of ideas and approaches that have helped in his development as a complete artist.